Tuesday, 15 January 2008

...And It's Your Turn In The Barrel!

Tonight we start rehearsing for the annual-ish Ottershaw Players Farrago.

Well, actually rehearsals started on Sunday, but I had a splitting headache which was making me feel sick and I needed to lie down with a cool flannel on my forehead. Like a Victorian lady.

So tonight I join in with the larking about, rude jokes, silly and risqué songs and wildly improbable storyline.

If you are a regular, or semi-regular, reader of this blog, I'll assume that you have a fairly robust sense of humour, in which case you might want to book tickets for the show. Details over at the OP website. There's not much else I can tell you without spoiling the show, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of photos afterwards.

If you've stumbled across this by accident, you may well not want to come along, and you definitely won't want to book a night out for the local ladies' knitting circle. They really wouldn't like it!


Mima said...

Good luck with the rehearsals, and can't wait to hear all about it when the time comes!

Mima said...

Completely forgot to answer about the camera, so sorry for the second comment. I love the camera, I did a digital photography course with the Open University which really taught me how to use a lot of the settings, so much more confident with it than I used to be. The problems come with holding it steady as I don't have the strength, and do have a bit of tremor! I just have to hope that I get things quickly!!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed looking at them, and thanks for the fav. I have had a lot of fun taking them when I have been a little bit better and out of bed!!