Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Labour v. The Psychic Tory Assassin

I note that my dear old friend, school-chum and sometime conker adversary, Richard McKenzie, is taking another step up the political ladder. Currently a Labour councillor on Reading city council, he has now been selected as the Labour candidate for Henley-Upon-Thames, currently the seat of the mad-haired Boris Johnson.

Henley is a staunch Tory constituency, so I have more chance of being elected President of Burkina Faso, with Winona Ryder as my first lady, than Richard has of winning the election - whenever it happens.

That said, Boris does have distractions. He's currently running for Mayor of London. I'm not sure how a person can be the MP for one town and Mayor of somewhere completely different. I would have thought that's a HUGE amount to take on with various conflicts of interest, and one of those jobs will get neglected. So, if he does get to be Mayor, maybe Rich will get to be MP for Henley after all?

There's another secret which Boris isn't telling anyone about, though there are hints in his blog. If you read his entry from Jan 10th this year, you will see that he casually mentions Edmund Hillary. The next day, Hillary died! Obviously Boris is some sort of psychic assassin, using his blog to focus negative energy against the enemies of the Tory party. I can only imagine that Hillary, as a Kiwi, got in the way of Tory claims that Britain conquered Everest, so he had to be disposed of.

Once we can gather more evidence and get Boris incarcerated for his felonious psycho-kinetic escapades the way will be clear for the Labour party to overrun Henley. Hoorah!

NB: I am not related to Cllr McKenzie, nor am I associated with his campaign, nor with the Labour Party. All allegations above are satirical, unless proven otherwise...

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Mima said...

LOL, I love Boris as he is always good for a giggle!

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