Thursday, 10 January 2008

Another Clucker

Tonight we finished watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's documentary about the differences between free-range and 'standard' chickens.

I must say, before now I probably didn't care too much about the way chickens are reared - the cheapest was OK for me - even though I know that free-range is tastier, juicier and probably goes further.

Anyway, having seen the programmes I think I need to make a commitment to only having free-range birds from now on, whenever possible. I never really think about this sort of thing, and I certainly tend to let my head rule my heart most of the time, which only goes to show.

Here's a clip of Hugh talking about the campaign:

As a balance - and because this blog's been humour-free for a few days - here's another appeal from Hugh's comedy partner, Stephen Fry:


jomoore said...

Quite right. What an excellent programme that was. We've also committed to go free-range - Thomas has even made some posters.

I understand there are people whose budgets won't allow the 'luxury' of buying free-range meat, but for those of us that can afford it, we surely have a responsibility to do our little bit.

Delmonti said...

Hmmm, I didnt see it. and I dont trust farmers. Unless "Free Range" is defined in law to the Nth degree then these thieving greedy bastards will find a way out.....

Just look at "Organic" produce, thats now an excuse to sell sub standard, dirty and rotting veg.

If you REALLY want to make a difference, then rear your own chickens..... Mine have the run of my Tea and Coffee fields.

D said...

Well Pete my daughter and ex have now both gone veggie after watching that programme and the BBC Kill It Cook It Eat It. I asked her if that meant fish as well and she said no as she hadn't seen any programmes on them - to which I replied probably safer to stop watching TV then.D off to buy The 1001 Ways to Cook Quorn cookbook.