Thursday, 10 January 2008


Yesterday I worried that I was turning into a reactionary Daily Mail reader. So my sister asked for my views on immigrants and speed cameras. Presumably to test how right-wing I have become. Or maybe I've stood for election without realising it, during an alcoholic black-out, and this is just one more test for me. So, for the next two days, you will be subjected to my views on these subjects. Sorry, go and blame Jo.


I don't have a problem with them. Talk of dole-scrounging, tax-dodging petty-thieves who don't pay car tax or have MOTs is all well and good, but I'm pretty sure there's a substantial population of white, English people in this country who also fit that particular bill very well indeed.

Yes, immigrants do nasty jobs for less money than many people are prepared too in this country. So what? I'm prepared to bet (with Monopoly money, or matchsticks) that the people who harp on about this aren't exactly put-out by it. I can't see Richard Littlejohn or Melanie Phillips packing up their cushy jobs (getting paid several times more than you or I just for spouting off a few hundred words of ill-informed comment each day) so that they can put in 14 hours a day washing cars, picking turnips or gutting chickens.

Our country was built upon immigration. For the first 1400 years of its recorded history it was impossible to settle down for more than 10 minutes before someone new invaded and took over. Each time "we" assimilated and carried on. After that, for another 550 years, or so, "we" started invading other countries and making their citizens "British" which, of course, gave many of them the right to come over here and try their hand at living in a much colder and depressing country than the one they had left behind.

All this is the reason why, in general, Britons are some of the most tolerant and welcoming people and why we have such a diverse, vibrant culture. I'd much rather sit down for dinner with the friendly, quiet Nepalese people who live on our left, rather than the noisy, English people on the right, with their TWO gas-guzzling 4x4 monstrosities [TWO! In ALDERSHOT! For God's sake, it's not Iceland, or Siberia!] which they invariable park so badly that they take up the space meant for 3 other cars. Grrrrr!

Which brings us on to Speed Cameras which is the topic of tomorrow's rant...


D said...

Pete when I've finished it I'll lend you my Billy Bragg book which deals with immigration in a very rational way as well as being a patriot.I think you'll find it enlightening.

Delmonti said...

"Being English is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer... then traveling home and grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.

And the most English thing of all?

Suspicion of anything foreign "