Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Looking for Work

As my employer is making fewer than 10 people redundant at this time, they have no obligation to go through a full 30-day consultation period. Which means that I could be given my notice at any time!

So, I'm on the job-hunt!

I've setup a website which sort of documents the sort of things I think I could do for money. Not sure if it's likely to have any effect, but you never know. If anyone reading this has any feedback on my jobsearch site, please email me or leave a comment here.


jomoore said...

What about photography, PT? Not sure exactly what about it - to tout yourself as a photographer, you'd need to do portraits, I guess, so you'd need a portfolio...

But I think you have a real talent for it.

Maybe worth exploring while you're doing some exploring...?

PT said...

Thanks Jo!

I've added a "Theatrical Photography" page.

Mima said...

I'm not sure how much I know about it, but the website looks good to me!

I have my fingers crossed for you, have you started doing the rounds of the agencies yet? Good luck, you will have to keep us up to date with what is going on.

D said...

Pete after remembering your wonderful catching and throwing prowess I think you have missed off the potential revenue stream of England cricketer. Good luck with the search