Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Short Not Sweet

Well, fuck-a-doodle-do! That was the shortest meeting that I've ever attended in my professional career. I was meeting our IT Director and the HR person to 'discuss' the 'consultation' which would map my future career with this company. My colleague who went before me was in there for 80 minutes. I walked in, was told that there were people in our US HQ who could do my job and that if I could find an alternative employment quickly, they'd be happy to pay off my notice (a whole week's money: whoop-de-doo!).



My plan was to stay here long enough to sort out our finances so that MLYW and I could finally look for new jobs that we really wanted. Instead, it's back to looking for another DBA job - well paid, but really not what I want to do.

Anyone out there need an Oracle DBA?


Delmonti said...

in case you dont read SMS messages....

I asked if we were looking for any DBA's and told "might be....why?". Said I knew one that wasnt too proud to work for "Burt and Ernie". Does he do Unix aswell? came the reply. Probably I said.

So if ya want ya old desk back fella, and you're up for a pay cut then send me ya CV and I'll lob it at the latest babbling clip thats working this caper. No guarantees ro funny hand shakes, you know how fast this lot do things.

Delmonti said...

if ya know anything about remedy you can write ya own pay cheque

jomoore said...

Oh shit - that's shit. Sorry, PT. :(

Or, as the word verification is saying in, I think, Mexican: ezfxir

Delmonti: I've logged stuff with Remedy - does that make me valuable??

Mima said...

So sorry to hear your news, what an awful day, all the best of luck to you with finding a new job, it is an awful situation to be in.