Sunday, 27 January 2008

Shut Up, Baby!

Today's title comes from a classic film - Double Indemnity. Which I mention because, for the first time this week, it's actually been quite a good day.

Up early-ish to do some shopping and have a coffee and a naughty cake in the town centre. Then back to tidy the garden a little and sweep up all the leaves that accumulated out the back all winter. This chore was only spoiled by treading in a huge, extra-smelly fox turd which was buried in a mound of leaves. Nothing stinks quite as bad as fox-shit!

Never mind, it was a great day and, for once, even doing housework and gardening (which I normally avoid, like Peter Hain avoids bank statements) were pleasurable.

Then hoovering the whole house - every nook and cranny - while MLYW cleaned the bathroom.

Suitably warmed up, I got out my bike, pumped up the tyres and went for my first ride of the year. Actually, my first ride since, ulp, September! Well, there's the Thames Bridges Ride to train for again, and I need to lose some weight. So I started gently with a 6-mile run around Ash, Tongham and Badshot Lea. A lovely, bright, sunny day, but deceptively chilly when you're cycling at 20mph (soon to drop to half that speed after 1 mile when I got knackered - and was not longer going downhill).

Back home to greet the in-laws and watch the footy with F-I-L Bill, followed by a slap up meal - a gorgeous bean, chorizo and vegetable stew, with cous-cous. Luvverly!

And finally, after the coffee, we watched an old black-and-white movie. It's become a habit in recent weeks. The last couple of times have been Hitchcock nights, but tonight it was time for Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson in the superb film noir which gives us the title of this post.

And now, just a pause to type up this entry. I guess it's a bit dull - just a rundown of a suburban Saturday. But after this week, it's been stimulating, relaxing and enjoyable. Just the tonic. Cheers!


Mima said...

Glad to hear that you have had a good day - you deserve it!

jomoore said...

Mmm... Sounds like heaven!

Delmonti said...

one mans dullness is anothers utopia.