Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Axe Drops

Another long, long meeting today (this one a whole six minutes) and I am to be made redundant for the first time in my life.

It's scary, liberating, worrying, stomach-churning and bizarre - all in one.

I'm lucky in some ways - I've never been made redundant before. One of my colleagues is experiencing it for the 3rd time in 5 years. Ouch!

I'm looking forward to the 'discussion' with HR over how much holiday pay I am owed. They think I am due 2 days money. I think it's 2.8. Not much init, but that difference is worth around £100 so I'm pushing for what I think is my due.

So - Friday will be my last day, with a week's notice paid in lieu. I need a job. Fast!


Mima said...

Good luck with the hunt, a very scary time, but you are strong enough to get through this and come out the other side smiling (hopefully with a job that you much prefer that pays twice as much money!!).

D said...

Pete funny how hr can be ruthlessly efficient when it suits them but totally incompetent the rest of the time. Hope your search goes well and maybe even leads to a role outside of DBAing.

jomoore said...

Bah! So sorry this has happened - taking control away from you is the worst thing, because you know there's something better round the corner.
Do you want to be a partner in my wool shop?

MaryB said...

PT - you've really been on my heart the past week or so. From experience I know that you WILL come out the other side of this much better off.

I was made redundant once just because the company wanted to fire my boss and didn't want him to take it personally (?), so they let me go, too. They kept me as a consultant, however, then hired me back later, but still . . .

And we've just gone through a big reorganization here at the Episcopal Church Center, where everyone's lives were hanging by a string for months. You'd think the church would do a better job of this than other organizations, but - nah, they don't. I still have a job, though (an even better one).

But, you, my fine feller will land in a great place, I just know it. Such gifts you have! Good thoughts and positive vibes flying your way from this side of the Atlantic, friend!

Delmonti said...

Oh man alive.

It just makes ya think how close to the edge things are.