Wednesday, 2 January 2008

So THAT Was 2007...!

As is traditional here in the Blogiverse, I'm going to do a round-up of my blogging year. I probably should have done it on New Year's Eve, then set about my resolutions yesterday. But I don't have any resolutions (not that I'm going to write down and have you hold me to, anyway) so you'll have to put up with this.


Magnus Mannusson died. I moaned about the fact that I didn't blog enough (it would take me until mid-July before I started doing something about that) and moaned about my old job, on the day that I left. I praised my new job (though it is yet to work out as well as I'd hoped) and started a new blog for my production of The Merry Wives of Windsor. An optimistic month.


Only 2 posts this month. One bemoaning the lack of posts, descending into a surreal rant, and one to beg for money for the Thames Bridges bike ride. I wonder if that's happening again this year? February was when we had to abandon Merry Wives and switch to the back-pocket reserve of Whose Life Is It Anyway?


We moved house! To a place that we own ourselves! Well, to be fair we probably own about 2% of it. The rest belongs to the mortgage company. But it's ours in theory. At the same time I switched broadband providers (PlusNet - very good indeed - mention me if you switch!) so was offline for most of the month. Oh, and I told you my top-ten films. How did I have time to come up with those?


A rant about dentists (okay, my childhood dentist) and the NRA and a couple of play reviews. That's it!


A lack of cycling; kids called 'Bubba' with guns; a major PC crash; some actual cycling; and, hallelujah,
Diamond Geezer linkage.


The play happened; we went to Dorset; MLYW changed her job; we started decorating and another play review.


The month when I finally started trying to blog daily. Rather than go out and generate my own content, it does seem to mostly be commentary on news stories, but I remember the summer and autumn fondly as I managed to get in a real blogging swing. So what happened? George Melly died; chuggers annoyed me; we went to see Genesis; an "8 facts" meme; "unveiling" footballers; more (actually, less) cycling; car problems; my nephew the sitcom star; Raylord; killer kitties.


LOADS to report this month: how to spend those lottery millions; anniversaries; NODA summer school (re-reading that entry gives me goose-bumps); a massage from David Bowie; discovering PhotoHunt; Soul singer painting; number one hits on my birthdays; an audition (or was it?); my Amazon wishlist; Guinness; Dublin; Olé; Diana hysteria.


Still blogging almost daily: Goodwood revival; problems blogging from work; Lord Arthur appears; Likes and dislikes; the first Classic Album (I really have to get back onto those...); a very long bike ride; books; kitchen accidents (recently revisited); plugging the Woking Drama Festival; fountain of youth; advertising Coca-Cola; Thai airlines; posters; Harry Nilsson; weight-loss plans (yet to materialise); shed-building.


Fruit pastille flavour-distribution unfairness; LOTS of play reviews; Facebook; fatties; Petworth station; anagrams; Strictly Come Dancing; Halloween.


Nov and Dec were a little sparse given the previous 3 or 4 months entries, but with 10 and 12 blogs, they are quite prolific compared to the state of play at the start of the year:
Heston; old Triumphs; Treasure Island; robo Skype; Parade; bike sex; OP re-jigging; a fantastic Journey's End.


Seaton Canoe man; Radiohead loveliness; getting older; Farrago writing; Christmas apprehension; not sleeping.

And that's it for the year. Recently it's felt like a struggle. MLYW's new job structure, more unpaid sick days than I would normally take, and some big unexpected expenses mean that the past few months have been a bit tight, money-wise. So this year we need to tighten our belts. Which also means I have to make an effort to lose a few of those inches around my waist.

2008 is an even-numbered year, and I always think that they are better than odd-numbered years. Here's hoping that we all get what we want this year.

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D said...

Do even numbered years include house warming parties too then ? Best wishes for the year to you and your WYLW