Friday, 1 February 2008


My last day in the job today and I was pretty gloomy as I finished off the last few tasks that needed doing. Then, minutes before going down the pub at lunchtime, I got a phone-call from an old colleague, out of the blue, offering me a 4-month contract to do some work with him.

Fantastic! My mood swung 180 degrees.

It's obviously not a permanent solution, but it gives me time to look for something long-term. Excellent! And it's work with someone I am already friends with. What could be better?

So - I was going to say this today anyway - thanks to everyone who has been in touch with messages of support and encouragement. I really do appreciate them all. I've been too wrapped-up in it to reply to you individually, or in comments, but it really does mean a hell of a lot. Thank you all very much.

And finally... Wahey!


Chris said...

Fantabuloso!!! You just never know what's round the corner.

jomoore said...


So, does that mean you're not in on the wool shop??

v said...

Now you know my secret, I don't need to be completely unreconisable when posting on your blog! I enjoyed working with you a lot Pete and I really hope things work out for you. Take Care

Mima said...

Great news, what a relief, look forward to hearing about the much more relaxed search as you head for the job of your dreams.

D said...

Great news Pete and I'm sure you'll get something more permanent in the next 4 months.

MaryB said...

Wha'd I tell ya'? That's great - a little breathing space of 4 months. The thought of you begging on street corners had me a little sad. ;-O