Tuesday, 8 July 2008

There's Only One Fido

I'm stunned.

I was walking up Andover High Street after purchasing my luncheon just now, when I glanced into the window of one of those "market" shops. You know, the ones that sell every kind of tat you would never need, but nevertheless you sometimes have to go in because you don't know anywhere else that you can buy clothes pegs, or cheap wool.

Anyway, there in the window was a collection of glorious items: dog and cat bowls. But with a difference. Because these dog and cat bowls come decorated with the colours, and crests, of your favourite football teams.

Well, I say "your" favourite football teams. Actually, I assume that these are actually the teams followed by the pet in question. Perhaps your dog is a fantical West Ham supporter. Or your cat has been following Manchester United all its life (and not just for the past few years like some other bandwagon jumpers).

So, how would you know? Eh?! How? What is it in a cat's behaviour which alerts you to the fact that he's really not happy with the Tottenham Hotspur collar that you've put on him? Perhaps that's why some pets scratch the hell out of the furniture?


Jon Sandys said...

Presumably there was one for "Blackburn Rovers"?

PT said...

Unfortunately not. Neither did Catford FC or Bristol Rovers.

Do Barking have a team?

jomoore said...

You can tell what team your pet supports by its tedious conversation in the office on Monday morning.

Obvious, innit?

MaryB said...

My Bailey won't support any team that doesn't live up to the impossibly high standard of spending most of the day napping on the carpet, with an occasional stretch and tail-chasing. (Well, granted, lots of teams go tail-chasing . . . )