Monday, 7 July 2008

Stuff Happens

A round-up of news and views:

Doctor Who. How disappointing was that?! Eh?! Setting up everything for a load of shock and awe, then paying off none of it. My biggest question is: Why did the daleks bother landing on Earth and exterminating a load of people when all they needed was to get the planet in the right place to create their "Reality Bomb" weapon? And don't say it's because they needed guinea-pigs to test the weapon on - they could just have pointed the ray-gun thing at another planet somewhere... But it's typically sloppy writing. Now whenever we're told "sorry, I'm going to wipe your memory/exile you to another dimension and you will never, never, ever see me again" we'll just remember this episode and conclude that it's just not true.

Rafa Nadal. AKA Dogtanian. How good was that?! Eh?! I haven't watched the Wimbledon men's final for a few years, but that was fantastic. And the record 6 consecutive victories, held by, yes, an Englishman, is still secure. Rule Britannia! :-)

Lewis Hamilton. How good was that?! Eh?! Massa might not be out in front on his own anymore, but I think he should have had some bonus points for those very graceful pirouhettes that he kept executing. I tried spinning my car around while driving in a straight line this morning and I just couldn't do it.

Peter Crouch. Apropos of nothing else, I read today that the Liverpool footballer is "poised" for a move to Portsmouth. They always say "poised" when a footballer is going to change clubs. It makes me imagine the player waiting just inside the door, in a semi-stooped, er, crouch, waiting to bolt out to freedom.


chux said...

I know what you mean about Doctor Who, so much speculation before that finale, yet so little done with it. Saying that we still enjoyed the event, its one of those programs that all our family have to stop what they are doing and come in to watch. Davros though, its was going to happen eventually.

Tennis: hmmm i'm gutted! I desperately wanted Federer to win, and the fact he clawed back those two sets and took the fifth all the way, led me to believe it was going to happen. Nadal did play out of his socks tho, and was so strong. I just don't like him very much, shame as I don't really have a reason for it. He definitely has one arm bigger than the other though.

Didn't hear the news about Crouchie but i'm not unhappy he's going. He was ok though and scored more than I thought he would.

thanks for the entertainment review old bean!

jomoore said...

Doctor Who: I loved it despite everything. I can't help it.

Tennis: I was rooting for Federer too because, just like Chuckie, I just don't like Nadal. Perhaps it's the prolonged ball bouncing between points. Perhaps it's his hair. I don't know, but I do know that he deserved to win, and so did Federer. Especially as he'd made such an effort with his cardigan.

Lewis: Hurrah hooray! But can pundit-type people please now stop going on about his 'mistakes'? Poor guy!

Crouch: He's the tall one, right?

jomoore said...

P.S. Can you explain the record 6 consecutive victories? I don't know about that one... I know he would've broken Borg's (and his own) 5 consecutive Wimbledon singles wins. I've googled it and everything...

PT said...

William Renshaw won Wimbledon six times in a row, 1881 to 1886. Though it was a lot easier back then, as the champion was given a bye straight through to the final!

PT said...

JO, I like Nadal for exactly the reason you don't like him. It's his OCD thing where he has to bounce the ball *exactly* eight times before serving. If he interrupts himself, he has to start again. That's what it looks like anyway. MLYW and I had great fun counting the bounces every time!

How sad!

jomoore said...

So why the big deal about Borg's record, then? Huh?

Oh yes - OCD! The water bottles! At one point (probably during a windy bit) a ball boy had to adjust his bottles for him! Surely a canny opponent would pick up on that somehow??

jomoore said...

Oh - I've just re-read your comment. Borg actually had to play... Got it...