Saturday, 30 May 2009

Omegle - Talk To Stranglers

Hi there.

So I recently found this odd little site called Omegle. It's like a chat interface, but you are basically just hooked-up to a totally random (and completely anonymous) stranger to chat to. That's it.

So far, so boring. But I noticed that the banner on the site said "Omegle - Talk To Strangers!". And I thought it might be amusing to mis-read this instruction as "Talk To Stranglers". So I've been striking up strangling-related conversations with random members of the world and seeing where they've led to. I have one rule: Keep going until the Strangler disconnects.

Here's one of them ("You" is, erm, Me. "Stranger" is the other person):
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi. Are you a strangler?
Stranger: Strangler?
You: Yes.
Stranger: Are you?
Stranger: I dont have to strangle to kill :P
You: No. That is why I am here, looking for one.
You: I don't want someone to kill.
Stranger: No problem
Stranger: Where are you based?
You: In Wales. Where are you?
Stranger: Ausi?
Stranger: indai
Stranger: India
Stranger: Oops England?
You: I have heard of India. I think. It is near Africa?
Stranger: No
You: Yes. Wales is a town in England. Near Northampton.
Stranger: Good
You: Is India near Bombay?
Stranger: You know Bombay?
You: I used to. Then it became Mumbai and it's not as good as it was before.
Stranger: Bombay is IN India
You: Like Veet, or Starburst.
You: Ah. Sorry for confusion.
You: ...Or Cif
Stranger: Cif?
You: Yes. Cif. Which used to be called "Jif". It was much better at cleaning floors before.
Stranger: hmmm
You: Lots of towns in India have changed their names. Why is that?
Stranger: When British were here they changed names
Stranger: We are now changing them back
You: Ah. OK. I am British you know.
Stranger: Yeah
You: I hope you don't think I changed your towns?
Stranger: But I dont think you were here when British were here :P
You: No. I was in bed.
You: Hiding.
You: Which part of India are you from?
Stranger: Delhi
You: Ah. Delhi. Is that the same as New Delhi? Or is it the old Delhi?
Stranger: I am in what is called Delhi
Stranger: There is a New Delhi as well
You: In Britain we call it दिल्ली
Stranger: Yeah
You: We have always called it that here. Since Roman times.
Stranger: Were you alive then?
Stranger: Till you met the strangler?
Stranger: :D
You: Don't be silly! That would make me over 70 years old!
Stranger: ha ha
You: I'm talking about Roman Polanski, the movie director, who lived in Wales for some time.
You: Tell me an interesting fact about Delhi. And I will tell you one about Wales in return.
You: Then you can amaze your friends.
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: I will have to think really hard
Stranger: :P
You: OK. I have 18 minutes to wait.
Stranger: What after that
Stranger: ?
Stranger: Battery would run out?
You: No.
You: Medication time.
You: OK - here is my fact about Wales.
You: In Wales there are FIVE different cinemas, but they all show the same films.
You: 16 minutes left...
You: How long have you been in Delhi?
Stranger: There have been no new releases in Delhi for last month or so
You: That is a damn-fool crying shame, as we say here.
You: Can you send me some spicy sausage and strong goat cheese?
Stranger: Sure
You: Good. Put it on your computer and press 'send'.
Stranger: I just couriered it to you
Stranger: Did not think of the computer route
You: Ah - but I think you are toying with me, mr cheeky monkey. You do not know my address, or my FedEx customer number. So how does that work?
You: I think you are trying to con me out of my money.
Stranger: lol
You: 12 minutes to go.
Stranger: Damn I did not get any money
You: I demand to know an interesting fact about Delhi. I have given you Wales fact.
You: Now I am one fact down in the deal.
You: If I don't get my Delhi fact soon, I will complan to the Ombudsman.
You: *complain
You: On the other hand, maybe the ombudsman would like some complan - if he's on a diet. Do they still sell it? Can you get Complan in Delhi? That would be an interesting fact!
You: Hello? Mr Cheeky Monkey? Are you still there?
You: I'm starting to think you aren't really in Delhi. I'm going now.
You: Bye
You: Bye-bye
You: See ya!
You: Ta-ra
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Complan is something you will find in Delhi
Stranger: For sure
You: Arrividerci
You: sayonara
Stranger: Au Revoir
You: hasta la vista
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


jomoore said...

I see you're looking for things to do now the play's over...

I don't manage to chat to people I know, so I'm not sure why I'd want to chat to strangers.

I think you should've pretended you were in Boston, though, to keep in theme. But perhaps you didn't know any interesting facts about Boston...?

Delmonti said...

What have you done! I'm hooked!

here's my latest go on Omegle... I'm "You"

Omegle conversation log2009-06-01
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Jesus! there's blood everywhere!
You: have you got a cloth?
You: ..-..-..-..-
You: oh..... feel quile light headed
You: ...not as panicky now
You: tell....Linda............I.........
You have disconnected.

Delmonti said...

....and another.....

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi
You: have you got the time?
Stranger: from?
You: a clock?
You: or perhaps a wrist watch
Stranger: 09:50 pm
You: hell. I've got missing time syndrome
You: it only seems like minutes ago it was 14:45
Stranger: from?
You: from? do you have a stutter?
You: whats wrong with you man?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

PT said...

Ha ha ha!
This is such fun!