Sunday, 31 January 2010

Green-Eyed Monsters

OK - it's been far too long since I blogged regularly, so I'm now using Plinky ( to give me a new subject to blog about every day. If I've configured this right, my answers to the Plinky questions should appear in my blog.

As Joey Ramone said, Hey Ho, Let's Go!

Jealousy. Hmmm... That's a big one to start off with. I think that the thing I'm most jealous of is people who have got themselves 'sorted'. Which is probably most people. You know, by the time you're say, 35 years old, you've generally paid off at least half your mortgage, your kids are old enough that you're not buying new shoes for them every 2 weeks, you're happily married and in a long-term stable job, with enough savings. In general, most people of my acquaintance are approaching middle-age with their lives sorted.

My trouble is, that due to a set of circumstances, choices and slices of luck, both good and bad, that I never seem to have made any headway into getting my life settled like that. Every time I think I've turned a corner, something seems to come out of left-field which puts me back to square one (with mixed analogies!).

So, yes, in some ways I'm jealous of nearly everyone I know because they all learned their life lessons early and I didn't! Actually, it's more the fact that I'm annoyed at myself, retrospectively, for the bad decisions I've made in the past.

Never mind - one big lottery win and other people can be jealous of me for a change!


jomoore said...

Ooh - this is a good idea (Plinky, not jealousy...). I'm going to give it a go too.

I'm making February resolutions this year - they all start tomorrow - and getting back to blogging is one of them. I give it at least as long as the detox...

Re. jealousy - I'm jealous of practically everyone else for one reason or another. But I think everyone is. The people that you see as 'sorted' will have reasons to envy something in your life that they don't have.

chux said...

I sort of feel sorted, in as much as I know where I'm going. Thats about it though.

I'm wondering if thats the key though, knowing where you are going. (cliché moment) Being the master of your own destiny. I definitely am no where near paying off half my mortgage, and I have a job that is as steady as a ship in a storm. These things arn't what makes me sorted, those things just facilitate the journey maybe.

hmmm made me go all deep and thoughtful there Jo! Good to see you online again.

chux said...

In fact I mean to say, good to see you BOTH online again!

p.s have you shaved that rat off your chin yet mate..he he