Monday, 1 February 2010

Nature vs. Nurture

What determines someone's personality more: genetics or the environment?

I've always thought this was a stupid question. The correct answers are "it depends" and "it varies".

There are documentaries in which you see which shows identical twins, separated at birth, who grow up to wear identical clothes, with identical hairstyles, similar political affiliations, similar jobs, hobbies and friends.

But for each of those, there are the identical twins who grow up together and end up with completely different traits and behaviours.

Let's examine one case scientifically. Me for instance. My parents both dislike football. So I should be genetically disposed to disliking football. They also discouraged me from watching football on TV (generally by tutting loudly whenever 'Match of the Day' was on). So I was nurtured to dislike football. However, I grew up as someone who enjoys watching football and have supported Manchester United for almost 40 years. Some would say that my parents therefore succeeded in their aims. Ha ha!

But this does prove that both nature and nurture were equally ineffective. QED. Or something.


joanne said...

So what is the significance of the West Ham towel you used to have...?

PT said...

I think that Nan gave that to me. I was enamoured with it mostly because it depicted Bobby Moore, I think.

chux said...

you got there before me on the Man Utd joke....darn it!