Thursday, 18 August 2016

2016. Twenty-bloody-sixteen!

Yeah. So. Haven't been around here much.  Thought I'd drop by and say 'hi' now though. Why? Fuck knows. 2014 was quite shit, what with Dad's stroke and that. 2015 was almost as shit.

2016. Well. We've had no personal catastrophes. Zachary's now at school.  Kasper's walking and talking and will be starting nursery soon. But the world seems to have gone to pot, doesn't it?!

And on top of all that, I'll be 50 next week!

It was only 20 minutes ago that I was in my twenties.  An hour ago, I was a teenager. The weather at the moment reminds me of the summer of 1976.  I was 10. It really doesn't seem that long ago.

[Perhaps we get a nice, hot summer every 40 years?]

Anyway.  I've done it before. Let's have another crack at it. I'm going to start posting here regularly again.  In my head "regular" means every day.  Pragmatically, 3 times a week would be good.  You and me both know that you won't see me again until after the next general election though.

Right - crack on.  See you soon.  And remember: "Don't let the bastards grind you down. Unless you're a lens."

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