Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Dangers Lurking in our Food!

We are all told that we need to cut down on salt, from time to time.  But no-one ever tells the TRUTH about salt.  It is one of the most poisonous substances known to man.

Salt (or NaCl) is made from Sodium and Chlorine.

Sodium is one of the most reactive metals in the periodic table.  Just one gram of sodium will burst into flames on contact with water.  Human beings are 75% water, at least.  So you can see the potential for damage this could cause.

Chlorine is also highly poisonous and caustic.  It was used in WW1, in gaseous form, to kill and blind thousands of soldiers.  We all know how irritating it can be if over-used in swimming pools.

Two deadly poisons, yet the government, and "big pharma", only caring about profits, want us to put them into our bodies, with no concern to the damage it is doing.

Cancers, allergies, viruses: all things that might be caused by the sodium or chlorine that "the man" wants us to eat, on a daily basis.

What a load of bollocks.  Everything I've written above is complete crap, of course.  Yet it's the sort of thing you'll see time and time again in relation to vaccines, which are proven to save millions of lives annually.  But uninformed people will spread disinformation which means that diseases like measles, mumps and rubella, which were all but wiped-out 20 years ago, are now making a comeback.

Get your kids vaccinated.  Or keep them at home 24x7, because if they're not vaccinated, I don't want them in contact with me or my children.

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