Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Woking Drama Festival

As I currently seem to be spending all my free time designing print and radio ads, it's probably only right that I should give the object of my focus a plug here:

WDA Festival 2007 News Ad

If you're in the Woking, Surrey area between 2nd and 13th October, you could do a whole lot worse than come along to one or more nights of the Woking Drama Festival. Plenty of plays, of all types (an Alan Bennett, two Pinters, a Shakespeare) performed by local amateur drama companies with a track record for good one-act plays.

And as the festival is a competition, each night you get to hear the adjudicator give his opinon on what was good (and not-so-good) about each play.

More details about the festival programme, and everything else at

The best night is undoubtedly the final Saturday. The judge recalls 3 plays from the 27 in competition to perform again and the standard of the recalls is usually tip-top and excellent. Last year's winner went on to win the National Drama Festival.

I usually make it along to as many nights as I can, but this year, as I have suddenly found myself "in charge" of publicity for the event I feel that I have a responsibility to be there for the whole thing.

And the pressure is on, because Ottershaw Players are performing first, on the first night, and I have to be backstage to help! It's going to be a bumpy ride...

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chux said...

sounds good I will try as I have to come back up sometime over the next month or so.

If it works this end i'll try and catch a night of entertainment.

btw - you have been recently mentioned on my last post - if you get half a chance between arranging thatrical things and killing the wife.