Friday, 16 November 2007

Fun With Virtual Ink

While Ottershaw Players are getting ready to launch off to Treasure Island (click on the postcard in the sidebar for more details) I've been taking 6 months off from drama - well, in theory anyway.

Rehearsing a play takes a lot of time and effort. Two or three rehearsals a week, plus extra-curricular time learning lines, painting scenery and making props. Or, if you're the director, more meetings, planning, worrying, scheming and liaising with all the other people involved in the production.

Up to the middle of this year, I'd spent over 5 years with Ottershaw Players and had been involved, to some extent or another, with all but one of the shows that they had produced. It was very time consuming. So, back in June, after Whose Life Is It Anyway? had finished, I decided to take 6 months off so that I could spend more time at home with MLYW and we could get some decorating done.

Of course, it's never that simple, is it? We have nearly finished painting the living room. We just need to finish off the skirting, door frame and fireplace. The windows really need tarting-up too, but as they also need totally renovating and replacing, I think we're better off saving up the money to get that done in one go.

But my plans for time-off from drama were initially scuppered by the fact that I had been persuaded to be Publicity Officer for the Woking Drama Association. So - committee meetings to attend and a whole two weeks of the Woking Drama Festival to enjoy.

Then Treasure Island came along. My resolution held strong, despite the fantastic script, and I am still a little jealous that I am not involved fully with the show. Though I did my usual attempt at designing the posters and flyers for the show and I have just finished putting together the programme and getting it off to the printer.

Now, in an attempt to get ahead of the game next year, I have put together designs for Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, which I am directing for
Ottershaw Players. Directing the play will be time-consuming enough, so it's good that I can get this sort of stuff done way ahead of time.

Here are the postcard and flyer designs which I have put together. Any feedback or comments on the designs gratefully received...

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - Postcard

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - Poster


D said...

I vote the first one

jomoore said...

I think the first one, but can you do something subtle with the colour to make it look more like a bloody hand print (as it does in the second)?

Great idea, by the way - what was your inspiration...? ;o)