Friday, 5 September 2008


Life is insanely busy at the moment; to the point where I come to work for a nice rest, even though it's far from relaxing in the office. I'm 2 or 3 weeks behind in my TV viewing habits - and I need my fix from McNulty, Omar, Bubbles and the rest of The Wire gang to get through my week.

So what's been going on, I hear you murmer, disinterestedly.

Well, I've been directing a play (All In The Timing by David Ives) as the Ottershaw Players' entry for the Woking Drama Festival. Our performance night is set for Tues Oct 7th, so it would be great if people would come along to watch and support us.

Additionally, I've been designing posters and flyers for the drama festival, in my capacity as the publicity officer for Woking Drama Association. And I've got the festival souvenir programme to put together in the next week or so... Now, how did I get talked into doing this?

Also, in the past week we've had auditions for OP's production of Oliver Twist, which will be performed in early December. I'd have loved to have got the part of Fagin, and was apparently a whisker away from it, but in the end I landed the part of Mr Bumble. Ah, comic relief again! Never mind, it's a decent part, and I won't have to learn as many lines...

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jomoore said...

"murmer"???? Shame!

So, have you been doing any drama stuff at all? ;o)

Shame about Fagin - you'd have been great - but I look forward to your Bumble. "Boy! Boy for sale!"