Tuesday, 12 June 2012


As the rain has been coming down harder than Lord Leveson on a journalist, I've noticed that people "out there" are bloody idiots with their umbrellas.  I've lost count of the number of times I've nearly been speared in the leg, knee, belly or nuts by a carelessly carried brolly.  These sub-human morons seem to like carrying brollies spear-like, pointed-end forwards, as if they are cavemen from 1 Million Years BC, rather than supposedly intelligent and civilized homo sapiens.  Add to this their inability to walk around without taking their eyes away from the madly flashing screens of their bloody iPhones!  You're taking your life into your hands out there, I'm telling you!


jomoore said...

I am fundamentally opposed to umbrellas. So there.

MaryB said...

This is why I try to avoid Broadway/Times Square on a rainy day. Oh, the humanity (being poked in the eye with umbrellas). I, too, am opposed to umbrellas, but no one's invented anything that works as well in the rain. Get on that, would you, Jo?