Thursday, 21 December 2006

It's All Happening

Time to expand on the brief note in my last post, which seems a long time ago now.

Yes, I've found a new job! I'll be working for one of the world's premier fruit and produce manufacturers and distributors. Not that I'll be doing anything fructous myself; I'll still be looking after databases.

But I'm sure that the chance to sample the odd peach segment may present itself.

So, it's more money for doing work that appears to be less arduous, but more interesting, and with the chance to expand my skillset into more report-writing. And it's only 5 miles from home, instead of 50. Fantastic!

So it's ironic that my other big piece of news is that it looks like we are buying a house in Aldershot. It's nowhere near as difficult to get to work from there as it is at present, but it won't be the "just around the corner" that I envisaged when I interviewed for the new job.

Fingers crossed that the mortgage application, surveys, conveyancing, etc, etc, all goes smoothly... Though the vendors have no chain and neither do we, so that bodes well.

Looks like January and Feburary are going to be pretty busy!

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

New Jobs for Old...

Alan Pardew was sacked from his job as West Ham manager yesterday morning.

Within hours I was offered a new job!


Well, yes, it was a coincidence actually.

I have bitched and moaned about my job many times before. But, in 4-6 weeks I will be leaving to "pursue interests elsewhere" as they say.

I won't tell you who I'm going to work for. Let's just say they have an interest in fruit and Mr Dawson's online identity could be a big clue!

Friday, 8 December 2006

"I Heard A Rumour"

News from earlier this week that I missed before. Apparently Bananarama have staged a coup d'etat in Fiji.

I know they haven't had a hit for quite some time, but this is not an unprecedented way to get back in the headlines.

The last lightweight 80's pop group to take-over a country was Hue & Cry. The Kane brothers' attempt to establish a unitary, presidential, directly-elected government in Burkina Faso in 1987 was ultimately successful, though their "inside man" and puppet leader, Blaise Compaore, took the credit for the coup, and indeed is still president, ruling from Ouagadougou today.

As such, Hue & Cry did not make news headlines and are now remembered more for their hit "Labour of Love", which chronicled their African excursion.

More recently, of course, Amazulu and Strawberry Switchblade joined forces to bring peace to the previously war-torn Isle of Mull. When Anne-Marie Ruddock was elected as chieftan of the island for the 5th time last year she became the longest serving female head-of-state in modern history.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

I Don't Know Much About Art...

...But I Know What I Like.

And it seems that in Norway they like their art so much that they are prepared to include strippers as 100% genuine artists (as opposed to artistes, I suppose).

I'm off out to the Doublemint Hippopotamus for an evening of art appreciation. Insert your own gags about Titian or brush strokes here.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Mark Owen Loses Temper in Dramatic Tram Breakdown

Good day to you!

In an exciting, suspenseful and dramatic ceremony, conducted this afternoon by Kathleen, Pele and Terry Wogan, we have finally decided the allocations in the Moore family's Not-So-Secret-Santa extravaganza 2006.

I know that you've all been waiting for this news for some weeks now, so with no further ado we'll get down to the announcement...

But first, here to entertain us with a song from their latest album - it's Take That!

Wow! Wasn't that great! Thanks to Howard, Jason and Gary for coming along this evening. We're sorry that Mark was unable to make it, but his tram broke down somewhere just outside Croydon.

So, now it's time for the announcement. Jordan - can I have the envelope please...?

Jo will be buying a present for Kathleen.
Dad will be buying a present for Mum.
Pete will be buying a present for Dad.
Mum will be buying a present for Pete.
Kathleen will be buying a present for Jo.

And that concludes this evening's entertainment. Join us again next time when you could have another chance to be lucky. Don't forget - it could be you!

From all of us at the Addlestone Studio... Goodnight!